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Is SiteLock Really Necessary
For Me?

You might think that only large corporations are targets for hackers, but in fact the opposite is true. Since many small businesses leave their websites vulnerable to attack, they’re a potential goldmine for cyber-criminals. Hackers may target your website in an attempt to steal sensitive information, redistribute malware to your users, or simply to take your website offline. Prevention is much more effective than any cure, so SiteLock is ideal for securing small and medium-sized business websites.

Why choose SiteLock?

SiteLock protects your website with Daily Vulnerability Scanning, which identifies vulnerabilities and protects websites and visitors against threats. The SiteLock™ Trust Seal, included with all SiteLock subscriptions, provides customer confidence and is proven to increase sales and conversion rates.

Every time shoppers place an order, they trust you to keep them safe from hackers who steal information or spread spyware and viruses. SiteLock not only finds malware, but also identifies the security gaps hackers use to break in and keeps harmful traffic away for good.

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Our SiteLock Package Pricing


50,000 UGX /per year

SiteLock Seal displayed on your website.

  • Daily scan for threats
  • Scan up to 25 website pages
  • Reputation manager


80,000 UGX /per year

SiteLock Seal displayed on your website.

  • Daily scan for threats
  • Scan up to 100 website pages
  • Reputation manager
  • Auto-delete malware
  • File change monitor
  • Daily FTP scan


120,000 UGX /per year

SiteLock Seal displayed on your website.

  • Daily scan for threats
  • Scan up to 500 website pages
  • Daily full scan for vulnerabilities
  • Daily FTP security scan
  • Eliminate malware automatically
  • Network security
  • SQLi & XSS scan

Boost Customers Trust

More customers look for a security sign before providing personal data or financial details online. Showcasing SiteLock Security Seal build customers trust and increase sales conversions.

Malware Scanning

Comprehensive multi-vector malware scanning across the website's public source code, file contents, and database for unrivaled malware detection.

Vulnerability Scanning

SiteLock’s patch scanner works daily to scan your Content Management System (CMS), ecommerce platforms, and the popular plugins for vulnerabilities.

Predictive Risk Score

The SiteLock Risk Score is a predictive model for site compromises. It leverages the SiteLock threat database, built on the more than 16 million sites we protect, providing a risk assessment of high, medium, or low.

Malware Removal

SiteLock’s malware remediation scanner automatically removes active infections from website files and databases.

Vulnerability Remediation

Remediate weaknesses in CMS and eCommerce platforms through automatic patching of known vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can exploit them.


Using our globally distributed content delivery network and advanced content caching technology, we can boost client’s website speed and performance.


SiteLock’s web application firewall (WAF) proactively protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests. Additionally, our WAF will eliminate spammers and scrapers from attacking your website.

DDoS Protection

SiteLock® DDoS protection identifies and mitigates advanced attacks that exploit applications, web servers, DNS server vulnerabilities, hit-and-run attacks, and large botnet threats. This prevents hackers from flooding a website with requests, thus rendering it inaccessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read though our FAQs to find answers to your questions. For any other assistance, please contact us.

SiteLock is a website protection service the scans your website for malware and vulnerabilities. It’s 360-degree monitoring not only detects threats but can fix any problems and security risks, preventing future attacks.

There are thousands of cyber threats to your website, with new ones being discovered every day. If your website became infected, your business would suffer, not only due to downtime, but also by losing the confidence of your customers.

SiteLock will help to find and fix vulnerabilities and threats effectively and efficiently. It will secure your network, protect your databases, remove malware and safeguard your reputation.

Absolutely not – in fact, the speed of your website will improve as weak spots are identified and fixed and malware is removed. SiteLock will have no negative impact on the performance of your website.

TrueShield Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your website from malicious traffic, filtering out suspicious visitors by running your traffic through a variety of security policies, blocking malware to stop it from infecting your site.